respiratory-tract oncology pain dependence


Karriere VorschaubildMundipharma is a family run business. We are committed to this tradition. The employees are central to the organisation. Open communication and an appreciative approach shape everyday working life. The corporate culture is determined by long-term planning and sustainable programmes. More.


Produkte VorschaubildMundipharma sells high quality pharmaceuticals for use in oncology, pain management, dependence, and respiratory diseases. Here, you will find a list of all our products as well as the associated instructions for use.

Research & Development

Forschung und Entwicklung VorschaubildCorporate research is focussed on opioid analgesics used to treat severe pain. With the introduction of the first strong opioid in slow-release form, Mundipharma revolutionised the treatment of severe pain. Read more about Research & Development.


Unterstützung VorschaubildOur corporate responsibility is important to us. We therefore like to support social projects and self-help groups. Mundipharma values facilitating ethical behaviour as well as assuming social, economic, and environmental responsibility. More.

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