Corporate culture


Values as reference points

“In our daily activities, we rely on commonly defined values that shape the relationships within the company as well as our contacts with customers and business partners. These values include courage and flexibility as well as professionalism, respect, and trust”.

Respect and trust

“We try to meet the different needs of employees, business partners, and customers and act in a respectful manner. The development of long-term relationships combined with the building of trust is important to us and shapes our interpersonal exchange”.

Courage and flexibility

“We listen to the concerns of physicians, patients, and business partners and respond to business challenges with the utmost flexibility. We live up to our promises”.


“The professional handling of the concerns of our business partners and customers is at the heart of our business”.

High standards for every day

The business activities of Mundipharma are conducted in accordance with all legal provisions that apply to companies in the pharmaceutical industry. The integration of moral norms in economic decision-making plays just as important a role as acting according to legally defined standards.

Mundipharma is a member of Pharmig, the association of pharmaceutical companies, and is committed to the voluntary codices of the pharmaceutical industry when cooperating with physicians, pharmacists, and patients. In addition, Mundipharma follows a corporate code of business ethics as well as compliance guidelines.