Research and development



For a long time, corporate research had focussed on opioid analgesics, which are primarily used to treat severe pain. With the introduction of the first strong sustained-release opioids (1985), Mundipharma revolutionised the treatment of pain.

In 2006, the two European research units merged to form “Mundipharma Research Ltd”, a separate, independent company. Mundipharma Research centrally coordinates international research and development projects. Mundipharma Research has approx. 300 employees in its offices in Limburg (D) and Cambridge (UK).

Key activities

Mundipharma Research focuses on the development of high-quality and innovative pharmaceuticals. Mundipharma Research works on behalf of and provides scientific support for the individual, independent national organizations of Mundipharma. The research projects are primarily focussed on the therapeutic areas of pain, oncology, and respiratory diseases.

Mundipharma Research